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Tim is one of the owners of Simply Wild, and has been directly involved in the running of Simply Wild since its beginning.

He grew up on a farm in Gisborne in the North Island of NZ, but with changes in the farming economy in the mid 1980’s he retrained in accounting and finance in Wellington, and moved to Nelson in 1991 to work for apple exporter ENZA in a variety of finance, logistics and management roles.

He spent 2 ½ years with his family working in Rarotonga, providing training in finance and accounting to government departments.

Tim now works as a senior financial accountant for Star Holdings, a large farming concern with over 160,000 stock units, and unique high country cattle and sheep properties throughout the South & lower North Islands. The owner of Star Holdings, Tom Sturgess, also owns “Yonder Star” a superb 90ft luxury yacht which we at Simply Wild charter for our holiday packages.

Tim and his wife Suzy have travelled widely, including through Africa in the 1980′s,  and more recently in the USA, France, North Africa, and the Pacific.

“I have always had a passion for the outdoors and the sea so have got great enjoyment in guiding our guests around the Nelson region and meeting different people from all over the world. I’ve had some wonderful travel times overseas with my family, like traveling down a river in Thailand on a bamboo raft, or sitting on the crater edge of a volcano watching it erupt 150m away. But, I get as much pleasure with what we have here in Nelson.”

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