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Rob Douglas, owner of Simply Wild, has designed and facilitated Team & Leadership programmes for over 400 teams or groups in over 40 different organisations in both New Zealand and Australia since 1992 through his former company Teamworks New Zealand, and now is an associate of Teamworks Pacific, owned by his former partner John Stuart.

We’ve provided retreat based programmes in Auckland region, Wellington & Wairarapa, Canterbury and Otago, Melbourne and Sydney, as well as our home ground, Nelson & Marlborough. These have been with frontline workers through to senior management teams and boards.

The opportunity get away from the workplace and its attendant distractions and issues and take time out to look at how your team operates, it’s issues, it’s vision and goals is as relevant today as it has ever has been. A strong team provides a platform for high performance.

With our 19 years of experience, we will design a programme that fits your team’s ambitions and goals. Typically we will help you work through issues, provide team profiling like the DISC behaviour profile or the TMI personality profile to help your team understand its strengths, and work through the teams vision, mission and strategy plus provide complimentary team activities.

These might range from simple team activities through to complex exercises based in the outdoors. We also provide, a wide variety of pure adventure activities including sailing, sea kayaking, waka paddling, rowing, helihiking, mountain biking, hiking and helirafting.

We can recommend and arrange a variety of excellent venue options in Nelson, Abel Tasman National Park and the Marlborough Sounds with stunning environments in which to spend a couple of days energising and inspiring your team.



We’ll jointly create an activity programme with you when we know how large your group is, and the interests it has.

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We specialize in bespoke adventures so you can customise any journey. Please contact us for further details.

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