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I grew up on a farm in Mid Canterbury in the South Island (near the Southern Alps) and have been involved in the outdoors since attending boarding school in Christchurch, where as a student I was active in the mountain lodge and surrounding area owned by the school.

My working career began in the early seventies in Australia with a multinational veterinary company before I moved back to New Zealand, and achieved other roles in marketing and management with various companies in New Zealand and Australia.

After 20 years working for others, I started Teamworks New Zealand with a partner, John Stuart, offering Organisational Development, Leadership Development, coaching and teambuilding. During that time we worked with many large and small public and private sector organisations and teams in Australia and New Zealand, often using the outdoors as a tool for learning. I still spend part of my time, particularly during the tourism off season, working in the company I co founded 17 years ago.

I am one of the “originals” who competed in the first ever Coast to Coast multi sport event, which helped spawn the international sport of Adventure Racing, and which gave me the initial inspiration for our Journeys at the Edge trips. The idea of being able run, walk, cycle and kayak through stunning wilderness captured my imagination, and we at Simply Wild have created a multisport Journey which any active person can complete through some of the loveliest wilderness country in the world.

I’m an active runner, hiker, kayaker, and mountain biker. I’ve been involved in many outdoor sports including multisport adventure racing, endurance kayak racing, rock climbing, alpine climbing, caving and sailing. I am the senior guide and Managing Director of Simply Wild.

I love travelling, and so far over the years apart from living around 10 years in Australia ( at two separate times) I’ve travelled throughout the Pacific Islands, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, The Caribbean, some of the USA, the UK, France and Italy.

My wife Sue owns a eclectic local café, Broccoli Row, which provides Simply Wild with everything from picnic lunches to silver service dinners. Together we have a son Tim, who is nine, and who occasionally gets to guide with guests who have families of a similar age (when not at school!).

I love being active in the outdoors and meeting people, so guiding for Simply Wild is like a day out with friends. Just as much fun is being able to tailor individual trips so that we ensure that our guests get to see what they want, and we always try to make the experience inspiring and energising in some way. What makes Simply Wild special is our variety. One day we might be sailing and kayaking, the next heli hiking or mountain biking.”



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