Off-lympics – the Office Olympics. Whacky team fun

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It’s Olympic year – get the fever! Whacky team sports and team building games where everyone can participate, and everyone, regardless of age, size, IQ, athleticism, mental agility or even favourite colour is a medal prospect.
The Off-lympics (Corporate Olympics) is sort of like, but then again, not at all like, the real thing. If you want an event that rewards physical exertion and prowess, then don’t do this one! If you want an event that rewards participation, fun and laughter then the Off-lympics is it!

Teams compete head-to-head in a variety of whacky and funny ‘sports’ in a round robin format, and then it’s the Final Relay Race (like no other) to find the medal winners.

‘Sports’ include:

  • Hu-questrian (human equestrian)
  • Land-based Synchronised Swimming
  • Try-athlon
  • Etc, etc.

All in all the funnest and funniest corporate Olympic team building (well… Olympic-ish) event around.
The event…

Time: 2 – 3 hours Group Size: 40+ people

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