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IQ Interactive Quiz

A Pub Quiz meets ‘Cranium’ on Steroids. The IQ Interactive Team Quiz isn’t like a ‘normal’ pub quiz – sure, there’s trivia type questions, but there’s also a lot of interaction, movement and team challenges to maximise participation and enjoyment.
Brainiacs won’t have any advantage but switched-on teams will. We guarantee that everyone will be involved and ‘into it’.

Perfect as a large team activity (and small), a conference activity or as an evening team activity. We design each quiz specifically for each client after consultation – tailor-made to suit.

Teams will be challenged to:

  • Answer quiz questions
  • Answer questions about your business
  • Construct and build “stuff & things”
  • Complete team challenges
  • Have as much fun as possible

Your IQ Interactive Team Quiz is run by an experienced Quiz-mistress or Quiz-master and her or his helpers. The cost includes everything required for the quiz plus trophies for the winning team members. Bragging rights are, of course, on offer too!

This life-sized Cranium-like team quiz is perfect as a stand-alone event or built into an evening where it can be run before and between dinner courses.

The event…

Time: 1.5 hours Group Size: 25+ people

100% Guaranteed

At Elevate we pride ourselves on running team building events where everyone... yes, EVERYONE in your team will be buzzing — 100% guaranteed.

Guarantee We realise that booking a team event requires a leap of trust. As the organiser, your reputation is on the line and you definitely want the best event for your team. Please rest assured that we will deliver a quality event that people will rave about. We have been running events for the past 16 years which makes us New Zealand's most experienced team event providers.

We guarantee your team will have a fantastic event. If they don't we will refund your event - simple as that!

We specialize in bespoke adventures so you can customise any journey. Please contact us for further details.

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