Amazing Race in Nelson

One Race, Two Winners – do-able by everyone – yes ‘everyone’. Our corporate Amazing Race pits teams against teams to work their way through Detours, Pit Stops and Road Blocks to find the First Place Getters and the Overall Winner. A great Christmas event.

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Amazing Race

A team building event which will include EVERYONE in your team. The team challenges in the race cater to everyone and are very competitive and huge fun! Your team will be buzzing at the end of the event.

Countdown Video

Just like on TV! You get to complete:

  • Detours = photo and movie tasks – creative and often absolutely hilarious
  • Pit Stops = assigned places where all teams meet-up, and
  • Road Blocks = a choice between two challenging tasks – one more mental, one more physical…

The first team home wins medals however, the ultimate winner – the team with the most points from throughout the event – is announced after participants re-live their event with a data show – always a highlight.

We have run over 700 Amazing Race team building events!! We know it works and we guarantee that 100%.

Intensity of your race is up to you – we can custom design a race just for your team taking into account your specific team members, your location, budget and aspirations. We can include Segways, boats, planes, trains or automobiles. You can can go coast to coast or even island to island. Let us know your thoughts and we’ll present you with some amazing (pun intended) options.

The event…

Time: 1.5 – 3 hours Group Size: most sized groups up to 500 people

100% Guaranteed

At Elevate we pride ourselves on running team building events where everyone... yes, EVERYONE in your team will be buzzing — 100% guaranteed.

Guarantee We realise that booking a team event requires a leap of trust. As the organiser, your reputation is on the line and you definitely want the best event for your team. Please rest assured that we will deliver a quality event that people will rave about. We have been running events for the past 16 years which makes us New Zealand's most experienced team event providers.

We guarantee your team will have a fantastic event. If they don't we will refund your event - simple as that!

We specialize in bespoke adventures so you can customise any journey. Please contact us for further details.

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