Amazing Race – Charity Edition. A team & bike building event

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Amazing Race – Charity Edition

A combination of an Amazing Race » and Build My Ride » – Teams race to gain parts for brand new bikes, build the bikes, and then end up giving them to deserving children in person on the day.

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This charity team activity is a very competitive event and brilliant way to improve morale through a sense of shared experience and the simple act of, as a team, giving. Perfect as a conference team building event.

The ‘Amazing Race’ part of the event pits teams against teams as they navigate:

  • Detours = photo and movie tasks – creative and often absolutely hilarious
  • Pit Stops = assigned places where all teams meet-up, and
  • Road Blocks = a choice between two challenging tasks – one more mental, one more physical…

…to gain puzzle pieces which, when complete are exchanged for real brand new bikes in boxes.

The ‘Charity Edition’ part of the event is when teams then race to build the bike to find the ‘first to finish’ winner and the ‘overall winner’ (based on points throughout the event).

The best part of this event is giving the bikes to deserving children IN person ON the day. Simply a brilliant feeling – no matter whether your team won or not?

We work with many charities such as Child Cancer Foundation », Refugee Service », Kidney Kids », Fostering Kids » and more – or a charity of your choice.

Please note, no children or bikes are harmed during this event! All our bikes are giving the final once over by a real mechanic before our children get to take them home. Just in case!!

Intensity of your event is up to you. We can adjust challenges to suit your team – all levels of fitness, ambition and ability.

The event…

Time: 3 hours Group Size: up to 300 people

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