Build My Ride – charity team building event with real purpose

Imagine your team giving new bikes for Christmas… Complete team challenges, build brand new bikes, and then give them to deserving kids in person on the day… a “win win win win” event for your team, your organisation, the kids and you as the organiser.

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Build My Ride

You can see from the ‘Making a Difference’ video above that this event will touch everyone in your team and will be full of non-naff, genuine warm fuzzies – guaranteed. (To see more about Fostering Kids featured in the video, please click the link here »).

Countdown Video

You provide the team, we provide the challenges, the bikes (and the mechanic to check them!) and the kids. What better formula for a team event than having some crazy fun and then making some incredibly deserving children very very happy!

This charity team event includes challenging team activities to ‘earn’ the bike parts, then the building of the bikes, then the giving of the bikes to kids who you will present to them IN person ON the day.

We work with many charities such as Child Cancer Foundation », Refugee Service », Kidney Kids », Fostering Kids » and more – or a charity of your choice.

This event can be run anywhere in the country, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and all points north, south, east and west.

In terms of staff team building activies, it doesn’t get much better!

The event in a nutshell:

  • Complete challenging and slick team activities to earn parts for brand new bikes
  • Build the bikes (no mechanical experience needed)
  • Give the bikes away to deserving kids ON THE DAY
  • Get medals (if your team wins)

The event…

Time: 2.5 hours Group Size: up to 250 people

100% Guaranteed

At Elevate we pride ourselves on running team building events where everyone... yes, EVERYONE in your team will be buzzing — 100% guaranteed.

Guarantee We realise that booking a team event requires a leap of trust. As the organiser, your reputation is on the line and you definitely want the best event for your team. Please rest assured that we will deliver a quality event that people will rave about. We have been running events for the past 16 years which makes us New Zealand's most experienced team event providers.

We guarantee your team will have a fantastic event. If they don't we will refund your event - simple as that!

We specialize in bespoke adventures so you can customise any journey. Please contact us for further details.

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